So I go to a Christian University that is affiliated with a specific, really conservative denomination — Seventh Day Adventism. 

Today, we (the unofficial GSA) put on the first ever university approved forum by and about LGBTQ students on any SDA soil, ever. (As in, not a forum about the wrongs of homosexuality, put on by straight faculty members.) 

I was one of the presenters, and it was completely terrifying, but it was worth it — although I don’t identify as a Christian, many of my friends do, and it’s kind of an honor to be able to do something to make their church a safer place to exist. 

The forum went really really well. We filled the 260 person auditorium to overflowing, and then filled two more overflow rooms. The program ran smoothly, and I think everyone sharing did a wonderful job. We told our stories, offered tips for being good allies, talked some about building bridges between people of opposing theological views, read poetry, and then had a Q&A session. In the end, there were a lot lot of people crying, and so many people thanked us. I was really floored — one guy came up to thank me, and told me that my story inspired him, and that he was going to consider coming out to his parents. Another person was crying because he simply didn’t realize that some of the things he had said before were hurtful. 

Honestly, it was amazing and groundbreaking and scary. I guess I’m pretty well out now, mostly everywhere. That in itself is a really scary thought, because everyone knows now. But still, like I said, it’s worth it.


I essentially live in a constant state of pen envy.


Well, I apparently can’t get a 2500 word draft done on time to save my life, even though we’ve been working on this paper for like three weeks, but I can crank out 6000 words over three days if a fic idea hits me over the head…